Random Thoughts

Huwebes, Hunyo 16, 2011

A Crazy Little thing called LOVE

 Falling in love is sometimes scary, if you've ever seen a person in love you'll know what I mean. You might even laugh at how ridiculous some of this people are, shouting on mountain tops, writing long letters, facing mean face dads, spending long hours on the phone, giggling, purring, saying all sorts of sweet nothings. But when it hits you, you find yourself doing worse stuff. You call her parents to organize  a surprise birthday party, you travel great distances, you spend all your allowance for the first time on a person other than yourself. You put on cologne in every place his or her nose might close too, you offer to do even the things you dislike.
People become convince that you really do love them when they find out you're willing to do even the things you dislike for them. People you love are honored when they find out you're willing to look like a fool to let them know you love them. The truth is, no matter how many people make fun of how foolish you look when you're in love, you feel better than anyone else in the whole world. When you are loved, and when you love, you "live".  :)