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Biyernes, Setyembre 23, 2011

A journey to a new start

Heartaches… horrifying than a nightmare, more painful than a stab on your back, deadly like man with a license to kill… We feel as if we die with every passing minute that goes by without the LOVE that used to fill our days, our months, our lives…. A person you love like life that suddenly went away… or someone you lost, taken away by destiny… And it really doesn’t matter how that person disappeared. The only thing you know is the pain you feel in your heart… in your mind… the ache you feel all over your body. And that pain, that’s unbearable the day he left, will be more agonizing than you could ever imagine with each second without him. And so you die… over and over again.

But it’s ok… all that matters is that you try to Live, with each second that you feel like dying… you hold on to Life and to Love, believing that all good things are yet to come, that even if your body is too weak to move or you’re too scared to live again, to hope again or your mind and heart are too bruised and shattered to feel… you hold on—to life and love…
And the best feeling behind it all, after lying on the downs, after feeling all those hurtful things, after being unbelievably miserable on your own… the best thing is when you finally learn to stand again… your first glance on the path to a new life… a new love…  Knowing you’ve endured all those things that are too dreadful to even bear…and that will make you much stronger…
Nothing… nothing is more satisfying than to live again… more rejuvenating than rising after your long sorrowful fall, and you feel your heart suddenly beating again as you welcome a new start… with a new life and a new love.

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