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Sabado, Hulyo 16, 2011


Cebu City is the largest city in the Visayas. It is the oldest city in the Philippines. It is centrally located which makes for convenient travel to other areas of the Philippines. The Airport located on Mactan Island is an international  port of entry which makes it possible to fly directly into Cebu from elsewhere in Asia. The number of airlines that fly into Cebu is on the increase so there are more connections from abroad every year. There are also numerous inter island flights to take you to other destinations in the Philippines. 

The anticipation for my first plane ride was building up inside me. I keep thinking that I will be air sick and vomit. We arrived at the airport 2 hours before our flight, so it was quite a long wait. When our flight was finally boarding, I can’t help but feel excited. During the take-off, I couldn’t help but feel really nervous, but when we were finally in the air, I felt better. We landed at Mactan International Airport at 7:10pm.

my first plane ride

Cebu City Tour:
Our first stop was the Magellan’s Cross. At the back of Magellan’s Cross is Basilica del Sto. Niño. It’s one of the oldest churches in Cebu.
Magellan’s Cross
Basilica del Sto. Niño
Our next stop was the Mactan Shrine, where the Lapu-Lapu Shrine can also be found. 
Mactan Shrine

The Taoist Temple was our next destination. It is located inside Beverly Hills Cebu, where the rich and powerful lives.
The Taoist Temple

Next was the Mountain View Nature Park (Sitio Garahe, Busay).Overlooking the city, it is situated near the cool flower gardens of Busay. This park comes with a mini-zoo, accommodations, and canteen.
 Mountain View Nature Park

I have always enjoyed my time in Cebu. I am looking forward to my next trip there. :D

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