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Biyernes, Hulyo 15, 2011

I am Beautiful!

All of us have had times when we were envious of others, wishing we were as pretty or as tall as whoever. We fantasized about what it'd be like to have bigger breasts or hour-glass bodies. Oh, how we prayed to wake up one morning looking exactly like the cover girl of Cosmo Mag! We have led ourselves to believe that being beautiful on the outside is the only way to get the attention we need-- more so the love we want. Come to think of it, what is beauty?

 is it →
      the long black hair we see in shampoo commercials
      skinny, long legs
      artistahin skin
      sexy brows, neatly plucked
are we 
     drop-dead gorgeous
     a must-have
     a dream girl
     a "can-do" girl

There is always something beautiful in US, and that something is worth all the flaunting that it can get. We are all made beautiful. And we are all made to be happy. Believing this is what will make us the cover-girl-material that we want to be.

A girl with staple-wire-hair may look unpleasant, but she may have a smile that could launch a thousand ships! Miss nerdy dorky with her thick-rimmed glasses may stand out and shine the brightest with her brilliant mind!
Beauty is how we find it. We should stop looking at other people but rather learn to appreciate God's design for us. We learn to bring out the best of what we are. J.Lo had excess pounds when she started, but she made it to being one of the most beautiful people in the world!

God's design is always beautiful. We are beautiful. Be beautiful. :D

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