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Linggo, Oktubre 9, 2011


Maragusan, known to be the summer capital in Compostela Valley province, is a town that can be found in a midst of a valley surrounded by lofty mountains.

The travel to Maragusan is not so relaxing especially when it's your first because the roads are rough, dusty and not cemented plus the thrill on trailing roads alongside deep ravines is not that enjoyable. Unless, of course, if you're a thrill seeker!

It was 7:00 in the evening when we arrived at the poblacion proper ofMaragusan.

We spent the night at Haven's Peak Highland Resort.

The best place to stay is Haven’s Peak as it is nestled on Tarago Hills facing the town with 208 beautifully landscaped steps (with three stop-over for those who are tired!) leading to its tidy but beautiful lobby. This mountain resort provides sight of the picture-perfect and picturesque view of green foggy mountains appearing like a painting like backdrop of a stage.

The next day, We woke up 6am and the real adventure began.

Being the Summer Capital of Davao Region, Maragusan boasts to be the home of magnificent waterfalls and really cool cold spring. And the highlight of our itinerary was trekking and hopping to these beautiful waterfalls. As there are several waterfalls, we just visit two of them. Top of the list is Marangig Falls in Barangay Albay. It serves as an entry to climbing Mount Candalaga. It is a system of waterfalls consisting of 13 levels surrounded by trees and different shrubs.

At Barangay Coronobe, you can watch the famous Tagbibinta Falls. Unlike Marangig, this one has only a series of seven falls, the first one measuring approximately 70feet in height. If you like trekking and climbing, then this is the place you should go. It is about five kilometers away from the town.

So far, only two hot springs have been discovered in this town. The only one open to the public is Kanlawig Hot Spring Resort, which is just along the road going to poblacion proper. The resort has many cottages with a store enough to cater their visitors basic food needs.

The Aguacan Cold Spring Resort, an adyllic "all in one" resort located just a kilometer from the town's center. It has an Olympic-size swimming pool, a boating area, conference hall and restaurant, cottages for overnight stay, tent area, souvenir shop, billiard hall, videoke facilities, table tennis and volleyball and basketball courts.

The trip and adventure to Maragusan was something full of thrill and full of excitement. Even though our stay was quite short, the trip was super sulit! :D

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