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Miyerkules, Setyembre 21, 2011


I am a fan of different things, and rap is not one of them not until my friend and I were sort of bonding when he introduced me to Flip Top. The First Filipino Rap Battle League.

Well I got curious and checked it out. I got hooked watching episodes on YouTube and it came to the point that I was really checking for new ones and stuffs regarding this flip top thing.

I’m not into rap or something but what made me hooked into it is that I really love the way these rappers insult each other. Some of them are really funny they make fun of their ka- rap battle.

I find it very entertaining. I think this is the most difficult type of poetry. Only a handful of people can do this, it takes years of practice to be able to associate rhyming words and ideas, not to mention those obnoxious and mean insults that you have to put in the mix plus effective and fluid Ad Libbing to make it look like you *prepared* those lines.. kinda similar to what blues and jazz musicians do onstage, but more difficult.

I'd really like to attend one of these tournaments in person. I'd like to observe how these cool people weave words rapidly. I had fun listening and watching, it’s really entertaining!

One of my favorite rappers has got to be Dello! He's my idol already! The master of reverse and doesn't need to rehearse. Dello is the best among them and he’s different from the other rappers who joined fliptop because he shows respect to his opponent and shows different style in the battle and that makes him unique. He is one of the talented artists in a cool Filipino band SkwaterhuaZ

Here are some of my favorite battles:

Dello vs Target

Dello vs Batas

Dello vs Kial

Dello vs Zaito

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