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Lunes, Agosto 1, 2011

Koreanovela Addiction

Just finished watching City Hunter, a 20-episode Korean Action-Drama! It’s one of the best Kdrama I've ever watched, I just can't get enough! I have watched so many Korean Dramas and yet I still say that City Hunter is indeed the best out of all of them. It made me believe on love again;  well almost every Korean drama have that effect on me. 
What is it about these Korean novelas  that we just can't resist? Perhaps it's the presentation of an apparently formulaic plot; but its different way of approach gives it an exceptional edge. Perhaps it's the undeniably good-looking lead characters that have an immense appeal, which makes everybody, young and young at heart alike, swoon and send shiver through the spine. Or then again, it could be both.
I am totally hooked, obsessed, addicted or whatever  with koreanovelas! :D

Reasons Why I Love Watching Korean Dramas/Series

1.    Simple Plots and Few Characters

Most Korean Dramas have their stories and episodes well-planned before they start shooting. Too lengthen the episodes, I believe, rarely happens. Since there are also a few characters, viewers can easily go with the flow of the story.
    Unlike our local shows, there are many subplots, and when it happens, a new     character comes or a character dies/disappears. The story becomes
    complicated and sometimes too draggy, that most of the times it lasts for a       year.

2.    Good Looking (and Fashionable) Korean Stars
Next to a good story is asking “Who are the stars of that show?” To see handsome and beautiful celebrities make me eager to watch the story more. 

3.    Putting values on relationships, such as family relationship, friendship, and romantic relationships
Korean Dramas don’t show so much intensified emotions or events like a character being raped, physically abused by relatives, went crazy because she got poor…Kidnapping, Setting a house on fire, or Blasting cars. Most of the stories are focused on human relationships, how to deal with other people well. Most of the viewers can easily relate once a conflict arises. Viewers empathize with the characters in Korean Dramas, however simple their lives are.

4.    Better Production Values
Great Shots (Sceneries / Camera Angles)
I really like how the angles are taken in most Korean series I already watched.

5.    Collectible Soundtracks
Really cool, enchanting, enjoyable to hear. One of the reasons I got hooked in watching Korean dramas / movies are the background music of the scenes. Although we can’t understand the lyrics, music has no language barrier… it touches our hearts.

6.    Learning Korean Culture
Bowing their heads when they greet someone, respecting the elders, eating kimchi, the piggy back carry, singing in Noraebang or the Karaoke house, drinking Maekju when got problems, having their weddings in Modern and traditional way…
These are the most obvious things you’ll observe once you watch Korean dramas, and learning a different culture from yours is very interesting indeed.

Koreanovelas have become a part of Filipinos' lives. We have grown to love them the same way we love our own local TV series. Both are equally entertaining as they make Filipinos dream about love and life. The only difference is that koreanovelas give us a glimpse of their fascinating culture. As long as they're here to stay, Filipinos will keep on supporting these series. Never mind the tried and tested, cliché stories or the dubbed voices that never coincide with the mouthing of words. As the famous line goes, Aja! :D

These are my favorite dramas and get to watch for several times already:

Endless Love- Autumn in my Heart
Full House
Couple or trouble
Coffee Prince
Princess Hours
Boys over flower
He's beautiful
Perfect Match
My Girlfriend is a nine tailed fox
Mary stayed out all night
Pure Love
City Hunter

:D :D :D :D

Maria Cristina Falls

Maria Cristina Falls in Iligan City is the second highest falls in the Philippines. It is a waterfall of the Agus River on the Island of Mindanao and is a landmark of Iligan City. Because of the presence of more than 20 waterfalls, Iligan City is known as the City of Majestic Waterfalls. :D

   The sound of the cascading waters are so powerful all you can say is “WOW.”


Seeing the graceful flowing of water from Maria Cristina is enough for us, so we decided to take photo shoot and landscape photos.

The field trip is really worth it, and I am blessed to be part of it. It never wasted my time. :D

Maria Cristina Falls